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The MOMO Dark Fighter steering wheel is a cutting edge ergonomic design produced in Italy from the finest materials. The wheel offers a gorgeous mix of airleather and alcantara that’s worthy of the design. Features include a black airleather centre pad that surrounds a black MOMO horn button, and gloss black ‘Dark Fighter’ detail on the spoke. An aftermarket hub is required for installation, contact FUEL AUTOTEK to learn more about MOMO’s range of hub kits.

Included Parts:
MOMO Steering Wheel, MOMO Horn Button (Flat Lip), MOMO Horn Button Retaining Ring (Low Profile), 2 Dish Cover Securing Screws and MOMO Earthing Cable

*Please note: This steering wheel is not supplied with screws for installation. If you do not already have a hub kit with screws, a MOMO Fixing Screw Set can be purchased separately.

MOMO is leading the way in quality aftermarket steering wheels. From our Motorsport range with flat bottom steering wheels to the leather and mahogany 3 spoke classic range. Since 1964, MOMO has delivered the highest standard in consumer and racing products. MOMO use quality grade sourced materials from around the world. From the finest leathers used for the Shift Knob range, to the latest high tech fireproof nomex materials used in underwear and race suits.

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Technical Specification
MaterialsAirleather and Alcantara
Spoke Finish Black
Horn Black
Diameter 350mm
Dish 36mm
Grip Thickness 32x29mm


McNuggets90 3rd June, 2020

Awesome product! Been eyeing this particular model for months since its release and it far exceeds my expectations for it. It looks great and feels GREATER!

It's as stiff as always (love that about MOMO wheels) and it's complimented with a great leather/alcantara finish. What more can you ask for? Thanks for the amazing service as well, keep up the good work!

Denis 8th April, 2020

Have flaming river column and adapter installed in street rod so needed 5/6 bolt steering wheel.
MOMO had great range to choose from and the Dark Fighter suited the dash and interior colours, and looks fantastic with design of horn center.
Only thing to be aware of is the flaming river thread is different from MOMO fasteners but had set fasteners in shed so all good.

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