Advancing the traditional casting process, the Hybrid Forged Series utilizes flow forming to cut down on weight and increase strength. Flow forming also allows for a great range of wheel widths within each design.

Available wheel finishes:

Vossen Specification

Wheel Aesthetics

Since its inception, the Vossen Hybrid Forged Series has been defined by the sharp, 30-degree edges and followed the Vossen Forged: Precision Series in styling. The VFS-6 is a natural evolution from its predecessors in manufacturing technique, but brings a whole new look to the lineup with its sweeping lines and sleek joining of spokes and rim.

The VF Series can be made to order in 24 custom colour options

Finishing Options

Silver Metallic

Light in tone with brilliant metallic depth, the VFS-6 is available in two standard gloss finishes, such as Silver Metallic. A machined Vossen VF Series cap blends seamlessly into the gloss Silver Metallic finish.

Gloss Graphite

Lustrously dark in tone and elegantly revealing its lines, the VFS-6 is available in two standard gloss finishes, such as Gloss Graphite. A machined Vossen VF Series cap perfectly contrasts the deep Gloss Graphite finish.

Available Sizes

  • 20″x8.5″
  • 20″x9″
  • 20″x9.5″
  • 20″x10″
  • 20″x10.5″

Step 1

A cast wheel is mounted to the flow forming drum and heat is applied.

Step 2

Hydraulic rollers stretch the wheel by applying pressure to to the barrel.

Step 3

The wheel’s material is stretched and compressed to achieve the desired width.

Step 4

Stretching the barrel material improves the grain structure of the aluminum, making a stronger and lighter barrel, similar to a forged wheel.