Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody Duo

After a grueling week in the endless halls of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we followed many years of tradition and spent the following weekend under the desert sun photographing a myriad of cars. By Sunday afternoon all that remained was a Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody Duo in an open corner of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway pits, owned by myself (@sdobbins_vossen) and Autrey McVicker (@dwsparts).

Fitted with Vossen Forged LC Series wheels to fill out the new, wider lines of the Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody kit, the pair of hot hatches soaked up the afternoon sun while we shot around in the eerily lonesome motorsports park. With the sounds of the Optima racing event in the background, on the road course, we snapped away while the two GTIs sat still for a moment.

These two Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody builds might share some key features, such as matching fender flares and Vossen Forged LC Series wheels, but the ethos behind each car couldn’t differ more. From suspension to interior, livery to roof accessories, the pair of GTIs provide a good blend of track and show inspiration, demonstrating the best of both worlds.

Autrey’s Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody is outfitted with staggered 20-inch Vossen Forged LC-109T wheels finished in Imperial Gold. The 20×10.5 and 20×12 forged wheels fill out the widened arches entirely, while Air Lift Performance’s air suspension kit brings the body closer to the pavement on command. Forge Motorsport’s bolt-on offering fills out the engine bay, including a carbon intake, silicon hoses and Twintercooler, while Sony’s latest and greatest car audio components decorate the boot.

An Autoflex Coating on the body replicates a glossy paint surface whilst being easily removable, allowing Autrey to change the color of the car much more effortlessly than traditional paint.

Across the lot was the track-focused Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody, dubbed the GTI RS. With a 4-point custom roll bar, fixed back seats carbon seats from Status Racing, and a wide array of performance-oriented bits, the GTI RS looked right at home with the stands of Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the background.

Fitted with Vossen Forged LC-106 wheels measuring 19×11 per corner and wrapped with 285-30-19 Nitto INVO tires, the GTI RS was ready to make the 2400-mile trek from Vegas back to Daytona, Florida, for Simply Clean the following weekend.

The Porsche RS-inspired livery of the GTI RS is indeed reversed on the right side of the car—a result of both subtle obsessive tendencies and to pay homage to the flare kit’s Japanese roots.

While there are still only two Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody cars in the USA, it will only be a matter of time before another pops up or they cross paths once again, but in the meantime we leave you with this short feature video and photoshoot of the duo while we begin planning our return to Las Vegas next November.

Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony De La Paz (@dela_vossen)


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