New 2018 Redbourne Wheel Designs for Land Rover

Redbourne, a range of luxury wheels engineered exclusively to fit Land Rover models, has launched three new designs for 2018.

Kensington (22", 24")

Kensington Wheel

Kensington features an innovative pass-through barrel design from Redbourne that simulates a forged reverse barrel mounted look. This feature keeps the TPMS properly mounted while visually elongating the wheels' ten, sleek spokes creating a dynamic look as if the wheel is floating on the tyre.

Westminster (22")

Westminster Wheel

The Westminster is a true directional wheel offered in left and right side models. Born from futuristic concept illustrations, the Westminster takes Land Rover vehicles into an exciting new world with no-compromise styling.

Windsor (22")

Windsor Wheel

Windsor is a performance wheel made with performance in mind; infused with Rotary Forging Technology to optimize lightweight dynamics. Seven scintillating spokes spread through the wheel forming a visually distinct, sporty mesh.

Each Redbourne wheel is designed, tested and built with the correct load rating capable of holding the heavy duty Land Rover chassis. When we say Land Rover Wheels, we mean that all Redbourne wheels are engineered and built to be hub-centric for your Land Rover. Redbourne wheels have been engineered to provide you a smooth enjoyable ride. Each Redbourne wheel is designed to accept the Land Rover OE tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and the OE Land Rover wheel nuts. Even the centre cap has been engineered to accept the OE Land Rover cap. So if you are looking for aftermarket wheels to fit your Land Rover or Range Rover, look no further than Redbourne.

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