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Mandrus Wheels are designed and engineered precisely to fit Mercedes-Benz models. Mandrus does not make OE Mercedes wheels or copies of original equipment Benz wheels. We make the aftermarket Mercedes wheels that make you want to take off your original Mercedes-Benz wheels.

Mandrus takes Mercedes excellence seriously. It sets the standard we feel we must meet or exceed with each new light alloy aftermarket Mercedes wheel we introduce. We know that Mercedes owners are uncompromising. We like that because it challenges us to do our best.

Since we make wheels only for Mercedes Benz cars, vans and SUVs, we have focused on our engineering and manufacturing processes over the years to ensure that the Mandrus aftermarket wheels you mount on your Mercedes are a clear upgrade over the wheels you are taking off, in style as well as quality.

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About Mandrus Wheels

Mandrus Wheels for Mercedes Vehicles. Built Without Compromise.

We pay strict attention to Mercedes product specifications, such as offsets, the spec that determines how the tyre and wheel fit in the wheel well in respect to suspension, brake and body components. Offsets vary from model to model, year to year and for different wheel sizes. So we produce virtually dozens of variations of each of our designs to ensure a perfect fit. Of equal importance are wheel load ratings, which can range up to 2200 lbs per wheel. The point is, each wheel we make is built to be a perfect replacement in every aspect of wheel technology. No compromises.

Beyond compatibility, Mandrus wheels are highly in tune with the Mercedes design rationale, that is to say, a perfect blend of form and function. We strive for designs that are both timeless and cutting edge, wheels, in other words, that make precisely the statement you are seeking to make.

Mandrus Mercedes wheels include cast monoblock light alloys, and Rotary Forged lightweight wheels. They are precisely engineered and built in the most advanced wheel-making facilities in the world. They are carefully finished in durable surfaces such as gunmetal, matte and gloss black as well as more traditional silver. All are produced using materials and processes to assure they meet the test of time.

Mandrus wheel dealers have been selected for their understanding of the unique requirements of Mercedes Benz vehicles. They have the expertise to help you select the perfect wheels for your Mercedes and the skill to ensure a proper fitment.

There is nothing even close to a Mercedes. And there’s nothing even close to a Mercedes upgraded with a set of Mandrus wheels.