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Welcome to Victor Equipment, purveyors of custom light alloy wheels exclusively for Porsche sports cars, luxury sedans and SUVs. We, too, are Porsche purists, and share those same values. For us the Porsche experience is almost a religion. And our pursuit is single minded: To produce perfect aftermarket Porsche wheels that exceed original equipment wheels in performance, appearance and exclusivity. To that end, we obsess over every specification, every technical detail, the purity of the alloys we use, the innovation of our manufacturing methods, the perfection of our finishes, the coherence of our fit.

There is nothing quite like a Porsche. And there's nothing even close to a Porsche upgraded with a set of Victor Equipment wheels.

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About Victor Equipment Wheels

Victor Equipment Wheels designs and manufactures custom wheels to fit Porsche vehicles exclusively. We offer the widest and the largest inventory of aftermarket Porsche wheels in the world and have what most regard as the best Porsche wheel fitments in the world. We strive to build the ultimate Porsche wheels for Porsche cars or Porsche SUVs — no compromises.

Porsche purists revel in performance, precision and panache, members of an exclusive society that is always pushing the envelope, eschewing compromise and insisting that nothing less than the best will do.