MOMO Releases Two All New Heritage Shift Knobs: MOMO Targa and MOMO Trofeo

MOMO has drawn upon its 50 years of automotive history to launch the new MOMO Heritage line. With a number of re-released and retro-inspired designs released in 2017 and 2018, the MOMO Heritage line combines MOMO’s pedigree with modern innovation to create high-end products for classic cars. This new range had its official launch at the Techno Classica show in Essen, Germany.

After the release of seven classic steering wheels, the Heritage Line is now complemented by two shift knobs, the MOMO Targa and MOMO Trofeo.

FUEL AUTOTEK is proud to announce that these heritage-inspired gear shift knobs are now available to Australian customers.

The craftsmanship of MOMO's artisans is exemplified by the extraordinary woodwork. Mahogany wood and beechwood are expertly sanded and layered throughout the entire body of the MOMO Targa and MOMO Trofeo, resulting in a complex but harmonious contrast between colours and materials.

Both shift knobs are perfectly finished with the vintage tobacco leather top, stamped with the MOMO Heritage logo. The MOMO Targa and MOMO Trofeo shift knobs are sure to suit most classic cars and driving styles because of their different shapes. The shorter and spherical body of the MOMO Targa suits an open palm hand position, for a full grip and soft control of the gear knob, while the MOMO Trofeo is more suitable for a three-finger grip for faster gear shifting and a more aggressive driving experience.

The MOMO Heritage Shift Knobs are the ultimate choice for those wishing to retain the character of their vintage vehicle while refreshing the interior or complementing existing woodgrain interior trim. The Heritage line has been designed to draw upon MOMO’s history of design while using the highest grade of modern materials. All of MOMO’s steering wheels and shift knobs remain 100% made in Italy by hand.

FUEL AUTOTEK’s passion for prestige automotive accessories is steeped in tradition and history. This is why we are the exclusive importer and distributor for MOMO products in Australia. Since 1964, MOMO has delivered the highest standard in consumer and racing products. MOMO use quality grade sourced materials from around the world including the finest leathers used for their steering wheel range, to the latest high-tech fireproof Nomex materials used in race suits and underwear. The MOMO range of quality products available from FUEL AUTOTEK includes MOMO steering wheels, MOMO shift knobs, MOMO race boots, MOMO race suits and underwear, MOMO racing gloves, MOMO t-shirts, MOMO umbrellas, MOMO wheels and MOMO Tires.

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